Runaway Runway 2013

Runaway Runway 2013

Congratulations to Runaway Runway 2013 winners!

Top Design: Bruce Bahr Award 
Entry: #41
Designer: Jamine Santiago
Model: Melina Fortin
Audrey Hepburn meets yard trash!

Top Design: Runner Up 
Entry: #42
Designer: Jamine Santiago
Model: Zoe Santiago
The British Mail

Rocking the Runway 
Entry: #06
Designer: Nancy Marine
Model: Nancy Marine
PrismaGleana, The Rainbow Fairy

Mad Skills 
Entry: #30
Designer: Roxanne Lenzo
Model: Makenzie Belaikoff-Schumaker

Entry: #19
Designer: Kaitlyn Machos
Model: Taylor Bohn

Entry: #50
Designers: Merle Fendig and Jenni Austin
Model: Andrea Sancho
Dress Me Up In Your Love

Video Recaps;

Runaway Runway- A Recycled Fashion Show from Tabitha Safdi on Vimeo.

Runaway Runway 2013 from J. Allen Media on Vimeo.

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  • Bryson Williams on Nov 22, 2013 Reply

    I have a dress from 3 of my yougn ladies in my high school entrepreneurship class that I feel could be entered into a pageant. Let me know what I need to do to have them at least considered.
    Thank you

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